Welcome to the website of a book “Gabi and Uwe. My grandfather died in Auschwitz, and my was an Esesmann.”

The past often breaks into the present, when one does not expect. Just like that night in July of 2006 in Krakow, as the German journalist Uwe von Seltmann meets Polish artist Gabriela Maciejowska. The two fall in love, but they must soon realize that the past is not past, but connecting them in a fatal way: Uwe’s grandfather Lothar von Seltmann was during the Second World War an SS-man in Cracow, Gabriela’s grandfather Michał Pazdanowski was in Auschwitz. Three years after the publication of his book “Schweigen die Tater, reden die Enkel” (If the perpetrators will not speak, their grandchildren...

Gabi i Uwe at Jewish Festival in Kraków 2012

50 people were expected – 250 were coming to our book presentation in Galicia Jewish Museum. Thanks to all of you for a great evening – and thanks for inviting us to 22nd Jewish Culture Festival!

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Bereś’s book of the year.

W. Bereś: “This is a book which does not entirely meet the formal requirements  of this contest, but it is so fine and went so unnoticed, that I had to notice it. It is Uwe von Seltmann’s “Gabi and Uwe: My Grandfather Died In Auschwitz, And Mine Was An Esesman.” The book is written by a German man, yet his Polish wife plays an important role in this project that is closely tied with Poland. What’s more, this book fits the traditional non-fiction model while retaining a strong literary tone.”


WDR 5 (22.07.2012): Todleben – Eines der aufregendsten Bücher der Saison


Klub Trójki, Radio Trójka

In front of the wall of fames with Jerzy Sosnowski. His questions were the most unusual and interesting … I’m still thinking about them … Jerzy Sosnowski wrote about the book in his blog.