About Us

UWE VON SELTMANN: Uwe von Seltmann, born 1964 in Müsen, Germany, freelance author and publicist, lives and works in Kraków, Poland. After completing his studies in Erlangen, Vienna and Tübingen he lived in Jerusalem. He worked as a journalist in cities such as Berlin, Vienna and Dresden. From 2004 to 2008 he was Chief Editor of a Saxonian weekly. From the summer of 2006 on, he began spending more and more of his time living in Krakow and writes articles e.g. for Jüdische Allgemeine and Spiegel-Online. Since 2001 he has been guiding literary trips about Yiddish writers in present Ukraine. He is founding chairman of the support group for the Görlitz Synagogue and a member of the action group “Gegen Vergessen – für Demokratie” ( “Against Forgetting – For Democracy”). Uwe von Seltmann has written or published eight books all together. His latest book “Todleben” was published in Germany in March 2012 and in Poland by PWN as “Gabi i Uwe” in May 2012.

GABRIELA VON SELTMANN: Gabriela von Seltmann, born 1971, Poland, lives and works in Kraków as a freelance for movies and international film projects ( casting, coordination). As an artist she is well known as the creator of sculptures like metal Kimonos.