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Bereś’s book of the year.

W. Bereś: “This is a book which does not entirely meet the formal requirements  of this contest, but it is so fine and went so unnoticed, that I had to notice it. It is Uwe von Seltmann’s “Gabi and Uwe: My Grandfather Died In Auschwitz, And Mine Was An Esesman.” The book is written by a German man, yet his Polish wife plays an important role in this project that is closely tied with Poland. What’s more, this book fits the traditional non-fiction model while retaining a strong literary tone.”

Gabi i Uwe at Jewish Festival in Kraków 2012

50 people were expected – 250 were coming to our book presentation in Galicia Jewish Museum. Thanks to all of you for a great evening – and thanks for inviting us to 22nd Jewish Culture Festival!

WDR 5 (22.07.2012): Todleben – Eines der aufregendsten Bücher der Saison

Klub Trójki, Radio Trójka,Przezwyciezanie-trudnej-przeszlosci
In front of the wall of fames with Jerzy Sosnowski. His questions were the most unusual and interesting … I’m still thinking about them … Jerzy Sosnowski wrote about the book in his blog.

Bayern 5, Interkulturelles Magazin (29.04.2012)

“Uwe von Seltmann, Enkel eines SS-Mannes, beschreibt in seinem Buch “Todleben” die Liebe zu einer Polin, deren Großvater in Auschwitz ermordet wurde”